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سويس اربيان لصناعه العطور ذ.م.م

صناعه العطور ومواد التجميل

الهاتف: 97165774451
البريد الالكتروني: info@sapguae.com
الموقع: www.sapil.org/swissarabian/

In the early seventies, the discovery of petroleum transformed the Gulf countries into booming economies. Foreseeing a prosperous future in the newly-formed federation, United Arab Emirates, Hussein Adam Ali decided to establish the country's first perfume manufacturing company in collaboration with Swiss perfumery giant, Givaudan Roure, the latter providing technical expertise and know-how to the new fledgling Arabian Perfume House. This alliance between an Arab pioneer and a European perfumery giant gave birth to Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group (SAPG).

Nearly forty years on, Hussein Adam Ali's two sons carry on the responsibility of keeping this Arabian legacy alive, and expanding the company to new horizons. What started as a simple trading house with only three employees, is now a thousand strong company with functional "experts" in every area of perfume making. Using the most advanced machinery with a highly qualified quality assurance staff allows us to maintain an edge over others. The resultant depth of our experience in creating trendsetting perfumes is without parallel amongst our peers. Add to this our stringent adherence to ISO 9000 standards, SAPG being the first perfume company to achieve this distinction in the region, and you have superior quality products that meet the highest level of customer expectation.

However, the art of perfume making is not all science. While we use in-depth market research and analysis to identify new trends, and even more sophisticated technology to assure the quality, the one thing that is impossible to replicate is our perfect sense of smell. That perfection is a reflection of our passion for perfumes and the pioneering spirit which has made us leaders in this arena for over three decades. Today, SAPG is one of the Gulf's leading perfume houses with several major brands to its credit - Sapil, Alta Moda,Shirley May and of course, Swiss Arabian, the flagship brand. The Group owns and manages four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and produces over 30 million units of perfumes annually for discerning customers in over 80 countries across the world. While each brand serves a distinct segment of consumers and scripts its own success story through different distribution channels, they all draw upon the same high levels of expertise and passion to deliver the perfect fragrance to our customers.

Products Exported to: audi Arabia Kuwait, Oman

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