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تاسك ش.م.ح

تصنيع وتجميع وتركيب ولحام وصبغ الابواب والاطارات الحديدية و الخشبية والادوات المعدنيه و لوازمها

الهاتف: 065572786
البريد الالكتروني: task@eim.ae
الموقع: www.taskfzc.com

Steel Door, Wood Door and Architectural Hardware Manufacturer and Supplier

Since its inception in 1991, TASK has been a pioneer in the wood and steel door industry, setting the standard in product innovation, quality, and service. Today, TASK continues building upon its solid foundation by designing doors that are aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient, and customized to meet the exacting spatial and functional requirements of its most unique and demanding clients' projects.

TASK is committed to excellence in quality, innovation, and service. It is due to this unwavering commitment that TASK is renowned as a leader in the wood and steel door industry. Our reputation and success is built upon the hard work and perseverance of knowledgeable staff comprising of sales and project managers, estimators, engineers, and an array of various support personnel. TASK staff members' high caliber and professionalism backed by a quarter-century of experience are the qualities that set TASK at the cutting-edge of the wood and steel door manufacturing industry and they are what builders appreciate the most about doing business with TASK.

For over two decades, TASK has manufactured wood and steel doors for more than two-thousand five hundred projects, ranging in status from low- to medium-profile residential and commercial developments in Sharjah, to the high-profile iconic BurjKhalifa in downtown Dubai. With each successful project, TASK has gained the respect of builders, contractors and architects alike, earning TASK-manufactured products a highly esteemed reputation as being superior to their competitive counterparts and as being capable of overcoming even the most complex engineering challenges.

The future of TASK is reflective of our past—consistent results in exceeding our clients' highest expectations are what TASK has been committed to delivering since the beginning, and it is exactly that which we promise to continue delivering. TASK is a confident, experienced and progressive organization with a product line that has established itself as a force to be reckoned with.

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