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بروميننت جفالي ش م ح

تجميع واحدات ضخ المواد الكيماوية

الهاتف: 065572626
البريد الالكتروني: info@prominentfzc.ae
الموقع: www.prominent.com

ProMinent is always close to its customers: 55 dedicated sales, production and service companies and agencies guarantee service and availability. For many years this has meant a local presence for our customers in over 100 countries.

But customer proximity also includes attentive listening and the determination to find solutions to perfectly match customers' needs. So our commitment does not end with delivery. Our specialists know what you want and are also interested in how you get on with your products and systems. Ultimately, ProMinent wants your operations to maximise productivity, cut operating costs and make a meaningful contribution to environmental protection.

Products Exported to: United Arab Emirates

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