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تركيب وتصدير محطات الوقود سى ان جى

الهاتف: 065263727
البريد الالكتروني: info@cgtechme.com
الموقع: www.cgtechme.com

COMPRESSED GAS TECHNOLOGY was established in the 1990’s, in the United Arab Emirates, as a specialist Company to design, engineer, fabricate, package and market complete Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Stations. In conjunction with our strategic business partners from USA and Europe we have been able to come up with complete solutions for filling of NGV vehicles. These solutions include latest state of the art technology ideally suited to meet each of our client’s specific needs and requirements.

COMPRESSED GAS TECHNOLOGY (CGTECH) brings with it a unique blend of experience and expertise of operating in this region as a Designer and Packager of NGV/LPG Fuelling systems. The NGV industry in Asia and Southeast Asia has grown very rapidly in the past 10 years, with some of the leading markets situated in this region, thus CGTECH have been actively involved in providing NGV related equipment and services in this area, in general.

COMPRESSED GAS TECHNOLOGY(CGTECH) has concluded a memorandum of understanding with LEOBERSDORFER MASCHINEFABRIC AG (LMF) – AUSTRIA to provide their latest range of CNG compressors, packaged at our Sharjah facility to meet local conditions in this region.

We also supply and install our own range of CNG Conversion equipment that includes a state of the art Conversion kits for both Electronically Fuel Injected Vehicles and Carburetor Vehicles along with a variety of CNG cylinders to choose from. This conversion equipment is available ex-stock in our Sharjah facility, so no unnecessary lead times are required for the said equipment. We also own and operate a state of the art NGV Conversion center in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi – UAE.

As a division of the Bin Ghalib Engineering Enterprises which was established in the 1980s COMPRESSED GAS TECHNOLOGY(CGTECH) had been active in this region since the early 1990s and has ample experience in handling NGV Projects in this region. With the expansion of the business activities, COMPRESSED GAS TECHNOLOGY was set up as a separate Company in the Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah in 2002. This facility at the Hamriyah Free Zone is fully equipped to handle all the engineering, fabrication and packaging needs of the CNG Station Equipment.

COMPRESSED GAS TECHNOLOGY(CGTECH) has successfully negotiated the sale, installation and commissioning of more than 9 CNG stations in this region during 2004-2005. These stations are in various degrees of completion. Four of these projects have been operating successfully in Bangladesh since then. In addition to this we have some stations under various stages of production in our Sharjah facility.

In addition to the above COMPRESSED GAS TECHNOLOGY(CGTECH) has the privilege of supply and installation of the first CNG Fueling Station in the UAE owned by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) – Abu Dhabi in June 2005. Since each and every station is “tailor made” to the specific requirements of the customer, great attention is paid to the detail and quality of the equipment that we design and package.

Products Exported to: nited Arab Emirates

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