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خلف لمنتجات اللحوم ش م ح

تصنيع منتجات اللحوم

الهاتف: 065264998
البريد الالكتروني: mohammad.jamaleddin@alislamifoods.com
الموقع: www.alislamifoods.com

Al Islami understands that the real meaning of Halal Food is not limited to the way animals are slaughtered according to Islamic Sharia, but goes beyond this in terms of quality and hygienic monitoring. Slaughtering animals following Islamic teachings is the milestone of producing Halal food, and that’s why Muslims are committed to adhering to these specific rules – using a well-sharpened knife with the name of Almighty Allah mentioned at the moment of slaughtering.

Providing quality Halal food to the Muslim world was one of the biggest challenges, as the majority of the slaughter was conducted using non-Halal practices such as stunning. Al Islami tackled this obstacle by procuring special permits around the world to slaughter animals according to Halal principles.

From production to shipping, and ensuring quality control to establishing the highest standards, the process is closely monitored and controlled by our resident representatives at our various production warehouses. Al Islami upholds their commitment to 100% Halal in quality, taste and wellness.

Products Exported to: nited Arab Emirates

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