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اعادة تدوير المخلفات المعدنية

البريد الالكتروني: info@bmr.ae
الموقع: bmr.ae/

The BMR was formed as a non-profit oriented, non-religious, non-political organization to mainly represent all the suppliers/traders of Middle East Recycling Industry and to bring them under one banner and platform with the unified thoughts of promoting the Metal Recycling Business of Middle East, protecting the environment and sharing market information about metal recycling and to face the new challenges in the present financial crises. This bureau is focused mainly on Unity among Middle East Recycling Industry which is one of the largest geographical sectors dealing with million tons of scrap which yields billions of US dollars. Thus, it is essential to support the Suppliers from the Middle East and the buyers who buy materials from the Middle East in fulfilling the contracts. The role of BMR is to be a key resource in determining to join together and make metal scrap industry in the Middle East better and to create a clean environment in the Middle East. The commitment to excellence is based on becoming today’s partner for tomorrow’s building client relationships. The BMR which has been formed with the cooperation and understanding of all the business giants of Middle East who in turn framed a board of representatives called Board Members consisting of 10 members from United Arab Emirates and 6 to 10 Board Ambassadors from other parts of Middle East.

Products Exported to: United Arab Emirates

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